Welcome to Joyar

This is JOYAR (Ho - yar) . The word derives from the Spanish word "JOYA" meaning Jewel, piece of Jewelry-treasure. It has been a prophetic name for a watch company committed to design, quality, value and making the wearer feel special. You are not just wearing a fine timepiece but a fine piece of jewelry.

We are committed to the concept of SWISS QUALITY. That's why we guarantee faultless quality and strive for perfection. Top-quality raw material and state-of-the-art processing methods are essential in achieving the consistent quality needed for all the elements of a watch. After all, each component has to operate faultlessly, both individually and together with all the other parts. Ensuring that this objective is met at all times requires thorough monitoring sequences and extensive tests.

In over 50 countries around the world consumers respect JOYAR for their innovative and quality timepieces, scratch-resistant sapphire crystals to the end-of-life battery indicators and double gasket screw down crowns. JOYAR watches incorporate features found in watches selling for hundreds, and even thousands of dollars more, and in some cases with upgraded features. (using ETA Swiss quality movements).

With the introduction of Swiss Auto-Quartz Pro-Divers and solid gold series, JOYAR continues its commitment to fine jewelry stores. You won't find JOYAR watches everywhere because we don't believe we should be all things to all people. This translates into less brand discounting, (giving the consumer a fine wristwatch to wear at a fair price, and not a watch that everyone else owns).

Contact us about becoming part of the JOYAR team by carrying one Swiss Quality watch brand with over five hundred styles to satisfy most consumers taste and budget. "Watch JOYAR and watch the world."

This site is dedicated to introducing part of our watch line to jewelers and to educate consumers before making a watch purchase. Please visit the information page and the ETA link to learn more about the Swiss movements that come in 80% of the high-end Swiss made watches sold all around the world.

As you move, this exceptional 14K gold Auto-Quartz timepiece generates power. When fully charged, it stores enough energy to run continuously for 100 days or more, without winding...without a battery. Whether it's worn every day, or once in a while, it will run accurately...automatically
All of the time.